David Lee’s Storytelling Coaching, Training, and Keynotes

Story Coaching for Entrepreneurs, Speakers,  and Leaders

If you want to make your message more fascinating and persuasive, David Lee can help you do that, by helping you  add compelling stories, examples, and analogies to your presentations.

This service is for you, if you are…

  • An entrepreneur who wants to tell the marketplace a more fascinating, “I want to hear more about your business” story…
  • A trainer who wants to have your participants more involved and interested in what you have to say…
  • A leader who wants to become more inspiring and persuasive…
  • A coach who wants to be a more compelling public speaker and become an even more powerful transformer-of-people.
  • A sales person or consultant who wants to be better at explaining the value of what you offer in ways that are persuasive and explain complex industry-knowledge in ways a novice can  understand.

Storytelling Keynotes

David Lee is available to do keynotes at your event on how to use storytelling in leadership, marketing, employee engagement, coaching, or therapy.

He is also available for keynotes around change, leadership, resilience, and hope that are story-based.

Storytelling Training for Your Leadership Team

If you want your leadership team to be more inspiring and more capable of fostering employee engagement, David Lee is able to work them on how to use stories to dial up their Inspiration Quotient and their ability to coach effectively.

Storytelling in Talent Management Consulting

If you are an employer wanting to add power to all of your Talent Management Components–employer branding, recruiting, hiring, new hire orientation, onboarding, and coaching–David Lee can help your Talent Management team  identify and use employee, organizational, and customer stories to make all aspects of your Talent Management process more compelling.


To discuss how David can help you in any of these areas,  email him at David@StoriesThatChange.com  or leave a message at 207-571-9898.

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