Tell a better story. Become more interesting. Grow your business.

When: June 24rd · 12:45PM-1:45PM

Where: O’Maine Studio, Portland, Maine

Entrance Fee: $10 (please bring cash) includes a light lunch

A Maine Startup & Create Week Partner Program

Who should attend: Business owners, self-employed professionals, leaders and others who want to communicate the value of their ideas, service, and business in a more compelling, interesting, and persuasive way… whether in front of a group or one-to-one.


MSCWWould you like to grab an audience’s attention from the beginning and have them hungering to hear more about you and your business…all the while feeling more comfortable and confident speaking in front of a group than you imagined possible?

Tell good stories.

Would you like the media to find you fascinating and article-worthy?

Tell short, fascinating stories.

Want to make your ideas hit home at an emotional level, so rather than people thinking “Oh…that’s interesting” you leave them feeling moved?

Tell stories that impact viscerally, like a punch in the stomach.

Want your audience to never forget your message?

You got it…tell a great story, or better still, tell several.

There’s a reason why storytelling is hot in the business world. Experts in marketing, selling, branding, leadership, and presentation skills are all talking about and writing about the power of effective storytelling.

In this program, you will learn how to use stories about you, your business, your customers, and everyday life to:


  • Breathe life into your web copy
  • Captivate your audiences when you get the chance to speak
  • Make your marketing messages interesting and unique
  • Make your message unforgettable

In this interactive program, we will explore a few of the many story genres you can use to dial up the power and fascination factor in all of your communication.

Where: O’Maine Studio, Portland, Maine

Entrance Fee: $10 (please bring cash) includes a light lunch


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  1. Whitney Smith says:

    Hi David,

    I’m trying to register for your storytelling workshop at Startup & Create week. The links on their page brings me here and the link above takes me to Evenbrite but indicates there isn’t an event.

    Help – I want to hear what you have to say! What the best way for me to get in on the action?

    Whitney S

    • David Lee says:

      Hi Whitney,

      Thanks for the heads up and sorry for the hassle. It turns out the link I had was my organizer link, not the sign up link. It’s fixed now. I’ll also email you the correct link.


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