Add StoryPower to Your Talent Management Initiatives

powWhat: A 60 Minute Webinar

When: September 17, 12-1 PM EDT

Where: The comfort of your domicile or place of work

Fee: El Freebo

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Description: Storytelling enables you to amplify the effectiveness of all aspects of your talent management and development process. Adding storytelling to your employer branding, new hire orientation, employee engagement, training, and coaching makes them FAR more interesting and persuasive.

By adding compelling stories to each component of your talent management process, you will significantly increase your ability to:

  1. Attract talent, by making your employer branding message more authentic and compelling.
  2. Create a new hire orientation that inspires and communicates clearly “these are what our values look and sound like in action here”.
  3. Dial up the “Inspiration Quotient” of all employee communication and events.
  4. Recognize, reinforce, and celebrate employee behaviors that help your organization succeed.
  5. Make coaching conversations more effective by using stories and analogies to make your message more clear, and using stories to get a tough message across without triggering defensiveness (the latter result being one of the areas where storytelling especially shines)

Companies with great Employer Brands use stories to communicate what makes them a great place to work. Employers with inspiring, engaging new hire orientation programs use stories to communicate “You made a wise choice”, “You can be proud to work here”, “Employees can make a difference here” and other important messages new employees need to hear.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The five story genres you want to add to your Talent Management communication mix.
  • How to go beyond vanilla “This is a great place to work. I love it here” employee testimonials and instead tell stories that make your work experience and organizational personality come to life.
  • How to make your new hire orientation program inspiring and pride-inducing.
  • Ways to Communicate and reinforce your cultural values and norms.
  • How to Develop an elicit a “Can do” attitude in people facing major change and challenge.
  • Tools to add spice and punch to presentations rather than bore your audience with pie charts and 12 Point Times Roman lists of abstract concepts.
  • How to Challenge people’s limiting beliefs and perspectives without being confrontational—this is especially useful in coaching.


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David Lee - 100x130David Lee is the founder of and He is an internationally recognized thought leader in the area of employee motivation and performance, and has been called “a pioneer in the field of onboarding. “ He is the author of nearly 100 articles and book chapters, including a chapter on onboarding in the business classic, The Talent Management Handbook: Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage by Selecting, Developing, and Promoting the Best People. He is also the author of the ASTD publication Add Powerful Storytelling Techniques to Your Training. David has been using and teaching storytelling as a clinical, teaching, marketing, and coaching modality for over twenty years.

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