That goal of yours…it’s waiting for you to reach out for it.

This story serves four purposes:

  1. It illustrates how to use a story to end off a presentation.
  2. It illustrates how, if you pay attention to your life, you can find stories everywhere.
  3. It illustrates how you can find stories to use in presentations by noticing when you are surprised, amused, or intrigued and ask: “Hmmm…how might I use this experience as a teaching story, or as a metaphor to explain a concept or make a teaching point more memorable?”
  4. The story itself might be just the medicine you need if you’re feeling stuck or if some goal you want so badly seems unattainable.

The story is from a presentation I gave, titled, Tell a Better Story. Become More Interesting. Grow Your Business, as a partner event during Maine Startup and Create Week in 2015

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