Use a story to start off your presentation…and everyone wins!

Group of Multiethnic Cheerful People Applauding

Group of Multiethnic Cheerful People Applauding

When you start off with a story, not only is it FAR more interesting to the audience (as long as you pick the right story), it also  helps you relax.

If you start off with a story about your own experience, you will feel more relaxed because you don’t have to worry…”Now….what was that pithy saying I was going to start off with?”

Because  your story will most likely be an experience you’ve had, you won’t have to struggle to remember it, because you lived it.

Because it’s familiar to you, it’s like having a good friend right there by your side, supporting you.

So when you start off with a story, your audience wins and so do you.

Here’s an example of me starting off a presentation where I tell a story about a presentation I gave at a major conference and, at the last minute, chose a different opening story than I had planned.

Notice the story I picked and see if you can guess why I picked this story and the lesson you can extract as a speaker.



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Tell a better story. Become more interesting. Grow your business.


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