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Hope you found the interview with Steve Lahey useful. Here are some resources to keep the learning going. Also…if you would like to discuss coaching or would like a 20-30 minute complementary Rock Your Presentation Strategy Session, fee free to reach out to me at David (at)

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Blog Posts with Audio or Video Recording

How to Start Off a Presentation with a Story…and Why You Want To – This post plus video describes the why starting off with a story is a good idea. The video gives you an example of me starting off a presentation with a story about starting off a presentation with a story. Do you follow? 🙂

Nervous About Speaking? Just Add Stories – This post deconstructs a semi-impromptu talk I was asked to give and includes the 10 minute recording.

Tell a Better Story. Generate More Interest. Grow Your Business – This is from a 60 minute talk I gave to entrepreneurs on how to use stories to make their communication more interesting and persuasive.


How to Prepare, Stage, and Deliver Winning Presentations  – This is my favorite book for how to design and deliver winning presentations.

Resonate  &  Presentation Zen – Two classic books on telling the story visually or…to put it another way how to not subject your audience to Death by Powerpoint.

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  1. Thanks again for joining me on the podcast, David!

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