Storytelling Resources

ASTD Webinar Resources (Beginning…There’s Much More Coming)


So far…you have access to:

1. Two videos

2. A 3-part blog series on storytelling

3. A Link to the Infoline on storytelling

4. A download link to the audio recording of the webinar so you can relisten and review

5. A download link to the slides of the webinar.

6. The slides in PDF form

There will be a LOT more coming shortly…


Here’s an Example of Using a Story To Start Off a Presentation To Connect Audience With “WII-FM” and…Using a Story to Start Off an Exercise To Get Audience Involved


Here’s a Perspective Change Story That Helps People Tune Their Brain to Notice Opportunities in Crises


Here’s a Three Part Blog Post That Includes How to Cultivate Your Analogy Creating Ability and the Fundamental Principles of “Sticky Messages”


The link to The Mysterious Power of Storytelling will bring you to the third installment, which has links to the first two.


The InfoLine: Powerful Storytelling Techniques

Here’s the  link 

Audio Recording of the Webinar

Here’s the download link 

The Slides 

Download ASTD storytelling Webinar Slides


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